It’s simple: no digging... no mess... fastest method... Ever tried digging a stump out? This can be a very time consuming, back breaking, messy process. Most stumps require heavy earth moving equipment to dig and sever their main root systems. The result is damaged yards, a much larger effected area and an necessary mess.

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We know our best advocates are past customers. That is why we offer referral incentives when you send us new business. Please contact us to learn more about or referral program.

Affordable Stump Griding

Sub Contracting

Affordable Stump Grinding provides sub contracting to may tree services, yard maintenance and landscaping professionals as well as many concrete, and building contractors.

We specialize in stump grinding and are happy to allow you to expand your service offerings to include our stump grinding as well. We also have a professional referral program if you would like us to work directly with the customer. Please contact Todd at 248-425-0155 of your are interested in sub contracting. Affordable Stump Grinding is fully insured.

We can remove stumps in yards, planting beds, treed areas, building sites, etc.

Affordable Stump Grinding proudly serves:

  • Home Owners
  • Business Owners
  • Commercial Property Owners
  • Municipalities
  • Tree Service Professionals (sub-contract)
  • Lawn, Yard, and Landscaping Experts
  • Concrete Contractors
  • Building Contractors
  • And More

Call now at 248-425-0155 for questions or free estimate

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We are fully insured and are proud to serve you. We are professional, thorough, courteous, and cost effective.



Call now at 248-425-0155 for questions or free estimate

We would be happy to answer any questions or provide you with a free estimate. Just call us at 248-425-0155 or email us at affordablestumpgrinding4u@gmail.com.